Fabric Organization Tutorial

In honor of Spring Stashbust I thought I would share a tutorial on how I am organizing my fabric.

First off I have a ton of fabric hanging out all over my house. I mean it is ugly. Regular readers can vouch for this based on some pictures of my stash. Okay I guess I will share one with you, just one.

Told you it was ugly!

  So I had to get serious. Lets start with a few simple items. Your fabric stash or at least the random bolt of fabric you have laying in the middle of your room.

This is the official before folding pile
Random Fabric Lying in the middle of my room
You will also need something to fold up your fabric with. I have seen a lot of recommendations for comic book boards, but if I am stashbusting I am not going to run off to the comic book store to grab a bunch of boards I will have every intention of using but never actually use. I choose my cutting guide thingy. I know not the official name but it works.

What is the correct name for this? A Quilting ruler?

Lay out your fabric folded selvage edge to selvage edge:

Yeah my knee wanted in on the photo.

You will want to place the ruler on the folded side of your fabric.

I like to smooth out my fabric as I go. You will want to fold a little piece of fabric over the edge of the ruler.

Now you just want to kind of roll the fabric around the ruler like so.

Smooth as you go....

Once you are done it will look like this.

Remove your ruler and fold the fabric in half.

Oops a little blurry.
Now stack your fabric up and admire your hard work!

And look how good it looks on a shelf!

Okay I am off to fold more fabric and watch the Grey's Anatomy Musical episode (Kevin McKidd can't sing, it's almost silly).