Welcome to Hoarders

Don't laugh, it is true. I have a very bad crafting problem.

If you are like me please sign up to the Spring Stashbust Challenge! You will not regret it. 

The problem isn't so much the crafting, it is the planning and supplies that I buy to do crafts with that just kind of sit there and multiply.
Not to mention today's stumbling block...

I mean look at this sign just beckoning me.

What it was $1,033.25 worth of patterns for only $15.25. Like you wouldn't do it? Oh yeah and I bought 21 patterns the day before. I think the cashier knew I had a problem.

Oh and since I am talking about "busting some stash" I figured I would mention the coolest idea for lent every over at White House black Shutters:

I love this idea.

So what are your hoarding confessions?