Spring Stashbust Blogger Info

**If you are interested please email me by Midnight on Sunday March 7th**

Thank you everyone who has emailed me to guest post on the site for the Spring Stashbust. I am so excited (and slightly overwhelmed) and will get back to everyone soon. The biggest question is when the heck is it?

The series will run from March 22 - April 22nd (A.K.A. Earth Day)

I will be taking submissions until the end of the week so if you would like to guest post please email me at thetshirtdiaries@yahoo.com. I can not wait to hear from you.

What am I looking for/what will you have to do to be a guest blogger:
  •  Create a new blog post/tutorial which will be featured and teased on this blog with a few pictures.
  • Tutorial should preferably involve upcycling or taking something already loved and giving it a new life. Blog posts or tutorials that involve stashbusting (finally putting that mass quantity of fabric you have been hoarding to use instead of going out and buying more) is allowed.
  • I will email you a schedule of when the post will be up and ready to go. I will need you to email me in advance a tease of the post along with a few pictures. I will have some bloggy questions that I will email out to you about your blog. Nothing too crazy.
Hopefully that answers some of your questions. Please write me and ask if there is anything you are not sure about. I am working on a few more loose ends than I will go ahead and get the information up for the official Spring Stashbust!