Cassidy from Thrillingly Thrifty's Bookshelf Puppet Theater

Welcome Cassidy!

From a blog whose name says it all:

She took this:

And turned it into this:

Welcome Cassidy and thank you for sharing a little more about yourself such as: 

What made you decide to sign up for the Spring Stashbust? I have this terrible habit of starting a project, then getting distracted (usually by my kids, which is okay I guess). By the time I get back in my craft room I forget what I was doing, so I just shove everything on a shelf and start something else. My shelves are overflowing with half finished things, so this is the kick in the pants I need to get it all done!

What are your favorite Upcycling projects? I'm really into sewing right now, so I love to scour the thrift stores for vintage clothes that I can repurpose. I'm also mildly obsessed with wool sweaters - I can't BELIEVE all the cool things you can do with a felted sweater! I'm trying to branch out from sewing, though, and trying to do some home decor - we'll see how many of those projects are good enough for my blog, eh?

Any crafty Earth Day tips for our readers? Hmmm, my crafty tip would be...DON'T. Take a day off of crafting and just get outside and enjoy the Earth! Go fly a kite, pack a picnic, do some yard work, or just go for a walk...its amazing what a little fresh air and sunshine can do for your creativity!

Why do you blog? Ever since having kids, I seem to have the worst memory EVER. So I use my craft blog as a digital diary of my projects - usually I try to make notes on how I did everything, because I know even a month in the future I won't remember anymore! But, I admit...I'm also addicted to the comments. Its nice to get compliments and questions about the things I make, because my kids could care less and my husband usually says something like, "You're starting to get better at all that." It makes me wonder how bad he thought I was when I started!

What are your inspirations? Most of what I make is for my kids, so I guess they probably are my biggest inspirations. I like to troll Etsy for ideas sometimes, and actually this last week I found myself pouring over the American Girl catalog with my daughter and thinking, "Hey, I can make that! That would look cute on my daughter! Oooohh, that would be so easy!"

Check out her blog and the awesome Bookshelf theater along with a free tutorial for felt puppets that she created for Spring Stashbust: