Jen from Lil Mop Top's Girly Apron

I am Drooling over this awesome project our guest blogger Jen from Lil Mop Top put together.

That is right I said it, drool! I am in love with this girly apron. I have some stash I could definitely bust to make one of these beauties.

I am in LOVE with this apron!

What am I talking about, well read on my friends because I would like to introduce you to Jen of Lil Mop Top.

Jen from Lil Mop Top (isn't she adorable!)
So lets learn a little more about Jen and why she joined the stashbusting challenge...

1. I have way too much craft stuff for a small space so I thought joining in on the Spring Stashbust might motivate me to start getting crafty and putting all the fun goodies to good use! ...and I think my husband might start questioning why I keep buying stuff yet I am not making much with it! :)

2. My favorite upcycling projects are anything that uses old clothes and giving them a facelift or repurposing them altogether. My two boys seems to stain/ruin clothes often so I hate for the whole item to go to waste for a small blemish! I also have tons and tons of t-shirts from college and from teaching at a high school (where every small event constitutes a new t-shirt!) so I have tons of perfectly good cotton material to use for making toys or clothes for children.

3. I blog because I love to share what I am doing for my family to see and to share instructions for other crafty people. I guess I will always be a teacher at heart and like to use my blog as a new venue for 'teaching'. I also love reading other blogs and have learned so much just by reading directions and then figuring it out on my own. Hopefully people can use my instructions to start making easy projects. If I can do it, anyone can!

So hop on over to Jen's blog and check out how to make this beauty