Featured Blogger Theresa from All Is Well

Hi Everyone I am so pleased to welcome the lovely Theresa 

from All Is Well to our Spring Stashbust celebration.

Theresa has a fun blog with a great name (mommies out there do you feel me on this one?) She has amazing Anthro knock-off skills and can bake a cake like no ones business (putting my little skills to shame, but hey).

Before we share her lovely tutorial I asked her to answer a few questions about herself:

#1 – I decided to sign up for the Spring Stashbust because I love myself an upcycled project! What’s better than taking something you no longer use and transforming it into something even better? And…I may just have a stash or two that needs some busting!
#2 – My favourite upcycled project is by far my anthro-inspired necklace…upcycled from an old woolen sweater and a cast-off necklace. 
#3 – Have you ever wondered what to do with those small scraps of paper left over from a project? How about turning them in to some sweet little cupcake toppers? All you need is a scalloped circle punch; a regular circle punch; a toothpick…and tadahJ

#4 – I blog as a creative outlet…both in terms of the DIY projects I tackle and the writing process. I also blog to make connections with others who share my interests.
#5 – I find a lot of inspiration in catalogues…such as Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. I love to visit home-decorating stores and dream up ways to create what I’ve seen. Of course Blogland is also full of inspiration!
#6 – I have a second blog…www.justcakesandmore.blogspot.com where I share my edible creations!

So What Did Theresa Do?

I took this…

And turned it into this…

Then, I used some inspiration from Pottery Barn to create this vignette…

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