Organize Me

Seriously help I need to get way more organized.

Part of the reason I love doing the stashbusting series is that I finally get my craft area in shape, which I desperately need.

I will be working on the calendar of awesome crafters who will be sharing some stashbusting goodness on the blog. I know I am excited.

I will also be rolling out the official rules for the stashbusting challenge. I will be having a prize or two but nothing too big. It's more about being a master stashbuster and clearing up your lovely stockpile of scraps than winning prizes. Unless I uncover a ton of stashbusting goodness I feel the need to send you.

In other news I have some of my T-shirt Dresses over at a store called Crafty Goodness in Lakewood Ohio...

I am really excited because not only is this the first store any of my items have been in but I already had someone email me and ask where she could get more of my dresses. I am so psyched. The craft show circut was not really working for me but i think a store, well I am going to have to start pumping out the product because this might just work for me. On that note I need to get some items in my ETSY shop.

Maybe that should be a stashbusting challenge, get in gear and list some things.

Till tommorrow,