Spring Stashbust Rules & Sign-Up

 Congratulations you are taking the first step in busting some stash. For one month you will put your credit card on ice and use only what you have on hand.

Think it will be hard?

Actually once you get going and see your crafting supplies go from overwhelming your house to a more ordered crafting room that can easily be maneuvered you will be glad you took this challenge.

So what do you have to do? First you need to sign up below. List the name of your blog and take the challenge. You are basically committing to abstaining from any craft supply purchase unless absolutely necessary for a period of 30 days. ***March 22nd through April 22nd to be exact***

Wait did I say unless absolutely necessary? So does that mean a sale on fleece is okay to indulge in? NO! Absolutely necessary means you either need to purchase supplies for a business (NO PERSONAL USE) or if you ran out of thread, glue, or mod podge and can not craft without it than yes you can purchase a spool.

Secondly you need to take a "before" picture of your stash. I know you don't want to admit to being one shopping trip away from hoarders but the only way to face the stash is to admit that yes you so have a crafting stash and you are committed to getting it under control.  It would be great if you would be brave enough to post your "before" picture on your blog, but hey this is your challenge.

If you are participating in the Spring Stashbust please put this button on your blog so others can join in the stashbusting fun. You will be helping to promote this round of Spring Stashbusting.

<center><a href=" http://www.thetshirtdiaries.com/2011/03/spring-stashbust-rules.html "><img src=" http://i795.photobucket.com/albums/yy231/rneorr/SpringStashbustbutton.jpg"/></a></center>